How do I add a new location or user to my Waitly account?

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This article describes adding a new location or user to your Waitly Professional and Waitly Enterprise account.  Currently Waitly Free and Waitly Premium only support 1 location and 1 user.

Steps to Add a new location

1. New locations can be added on the browser version of Waitly available at

2. If you are a Waitly Professional or Waitly Enterprise customer you will see an Add location button in the header bar.

3. Complete the form and click Add

4.  You should now see a second location in the drop down at the top of the screen. As an admin you can switch between all of your locations with this drop down.

5. If you would like to use this new location on an iPad or iPhone you'll have to invite a new user that can log in as this location. This is because the iOS version of Waitly does not support switching locations under one user account.

Steps to Invite a new user

1. Go to settings under the menu in the upper right corner then click Users on the left side.

2. From the Users screen, click Invite User.

3. Enter the User's Information and click Invite User.  Be sure to select the location this user will see when the sign in. An email will sent with a link to accept the invite and set a password. 

4. After the user has set a password, they can log into Waitly and will see the waitlist for his or her location.



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